Our House Georgia A child care and support center for homeless families


the early development
of children

Help us give homeless children the bright start they deserve.

A Rich Legacy of Making a Difference

Guided by the standards set forth by our accrediting agency NAEYC and by Head Start, Our House classroom practices and policies are designed to foster the overall development of each child and to prepare them for academic success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Our House Georgia A child care and support center for homeless families


families in crisis

Helping homeless families gain independence requires community commitment and support.

A Rich Legacy of Making a Difference

By providing intensive case management, practical support, and counseling, Our House Family Advocacy team help families move from crisis to stability.

Our House Georgia A child care and support center for homeless families


families to achieve self-sufficiency

Investing in the success of homeless families is an investment in stronger communities.

A Rich Legacy of Making a Difference

Through systematic goal setting and action planning, monthly life-skills workshops and employment readiness opportunities, Our House empowers families to make meaningful improvements and lasting changes to their lives.

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Our House—A leader in the community for the provision of services to homeless women and children.

  • Caring for homeless families

    Why care about family homelessness?

    On any given day, there are over 800 homeless children under the age of 6 in Atlanta with only two agencies serving them with nationally-accredited childcare programs. Family homelessness can not only strain a community’s resources but can also deny children the experiences they need for healthy development and for a solid academic future.

  • Supporting homeless families

    Why support Our House?

    Since 1987, Our House has delivered programs and services with measurable success. As a NAEYC accredited childcare center with funding partnerships with the United Way, Head Start, and many prominent foundations such as The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Our House has consistently produced positive results in helping homeless families make lasting improvements to their lives.

  • Making a difference for homeless families

    How can you make a difference?

    Get involved! Volunteer! Donate your time and resources! Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of homeless children and families.

    Your support can help to end cycles of homelessness for children and families.

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